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I’ve lived in North Kingstown and have believed in Democratic values all my life. I know this community, and I care about it. I am asking for your vote on September 13th to elect me as your State Representative for District 31. I will advocate for policies and legislation at the State House that will maintain a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community.


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An Authentic Democratic Voice for District 31

North Kingstown-Exeter 

  • SENSIBLE GUN LEGISLATION: Weapons of war have no place in a civil society. I will fight for stronger laws that keep guns out of schools, public places, and the hands of the unfit. It is vital that our kids and faculty feel safe in the classroom. Read my Op/Ed published on 8/11/22 in The Independent  by clicking here: We Can Do Better For Our Community

  • PROTECTION OF CIVIL RIGHTS AND WOMEN’S RIGHT TO CHOICE: Let’s reaffirm that America’s civil rights are extended to everyone; a woman’s right to make choices for her body is one of those civil rights. I will passionately defend the healthcare rights of both women and girls.

  • CLEAN, GREEN ENVIRONMENT: Rising seas, intensifying storms, environmental toxins. The threats are many, but the goal is the same: we need action to keep our communities — and our planet — safe, clean, and habitable. From smart growth policies to strict regulations of industrial products, I will advocate for all the components of a greener and healthier future.

  • ELDERCARE/AGING IN PLACE INITIATIVES AND SUPPORT: With one in four Rhode Islanders over the age of 65 by 2030, I will push to create policy and laws to assist and protect our aging population and their caregivers. This includes a comprehensive policy to facilitate home adaptation and to assist transit riders, pedestrians, and cyclists of all ages and abilities.

  • STRONG PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Our children represent our future. I will advocate for better support for our schools, the foundation of our community. Given the major challenges and events of the last few years, it’s clear that advocating for mental health resources and funding for our schools should be a priority. As an NKHS graduate, I believe in funding public education and working with the Rhode Island Department of Education to streamline resources and budget.

I bring experience in economic development, tourism and marketing, and environmental policy to the table. I am an advocate for civil rights campaigns, active with the North Kingstown Democrats, and currently serve on the Executive Committee.

Please vote so I can represent you at the State House – I believe in science-based policy, thoughtful and inclusive decision-making, and social, environmental, and economic goals that clearly reflect basic Democratic ideals.

See you at the polls on Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 13.

Early voting happening now at the town offices through September 12th.


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